AUS No. 2 This Week: Enrique Iglesias – Tonight (I’m Fucking/Loving You)

The song:

Apologies for using DailyMotion which also has shitty ads. Here is a link to the YouTube video because record companies suck butt and refuse to let people watch their artist’s videos in any context other than on YouTube where they can get ad money: here

I feel I was fairly kind yesterday on the number ones both here and in America. You might call it a honeymoon period, I don’t know. Perhaps a period of mild tolerance, but (because I’m trying not to spoil it for myself) I didn’t check what the number twos were after I wrote about the number ones. And to be perfectly honest with you, ‘number two’ is a damn good way to describe these songs.

Enrique Iglesias is enjoying a career resurgence thanks to some incredibly artificial, manufactured pop and the fact that he’s sexy and Latin. It’s a far cry from his previous biggest hit, ‘Hero’, which was about love and being there for his woman in her time of need and also how sexy he is. There’s really a lot of arrogant machismo underscoring his biggest singles, and ‘Tonight’ is no exception.

I really wanted to attach the “dirty” version of the song to this post but I couldn’t find a decent video (even this one is a mirror image of the norm, simply for embedding purposes). But ostensibly the song that has 15-year-olds everywhere giggling in spite of themselves because of the naughty word and the implication of it is pretty bad.

It has all the trappings of a song you’d expect from him, I suppose. Produced by DJ Frank E (also responsible for that ‘Airplanes’ song you saw on every Twilight-loving teenage girl’s Facebook status in the past year; as well as Chris Brown’s undeserving comeback single, ‘Yeah 3X’; and ‘Blame Game’ from Kanye West’s latest album where Chris Rock is Chris Rock for a couple of minutes at the end, thereby ruining the song), this is a great song for clubbing.

But functioning as a pop song in itself, it doesn’t go quite as far. Yeah, you can dance to it, but there’s literally no vocal hook (instead replaced with a beeping that would make someone on ecstasy lose their shit). The beat is fairly toe-tappy, but pretty bog-standard and uninteresting. Songs like this make me miss the days of late 90’s R&B (for example, Aaliyah) which would have either very minimalist or very interesting beats, composed with a range of sounds and not just METRONOMIC THUMPING BASS as is the case most of the time now.

And I just can’t help but think that the whole “loving”/”fucking” thing is a bit much. For a start, having heard the explicit version, I do not buy the “loving” thing for a second. In that context, “loving” is incredibly innocuous. “Please excuse me I don’t mean to be rude, but tonight I’m loving you”? Who is going to get offended by that, as long as you haven’t filled their bed with severed doll heads beforehand? It’s very stalkerish and predative.

“Tonight I’m fucking you”, however, is vastly less pleasant. What if Enrique is singing this to a girl that ISN’T interested in him? It sends a bit of a worrying message, to be perfectly honest. Are we to encourage the idea that men can just go up to a girl in a club, say, “I AM GOING TO BONE YOU. PREPARE YOUR REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS, YOU ARE ABOUT TO BE BOARDED” and just get away with it? That ain’t right!

So I guess like the two previous songs I have the biggest problem with their lyrical content. The ‘fuck’ here is just so gratuitous. In the case of Cee Lo Green’s ‘Fuck You’, I can believe that it’s necessary. It’s also used in a far less aggressive context, or rather, it’s not a sexually aggressive use of the word. It’s “fuck you!” not, “fuck you… ;)”.

And just for my own purposes, I’d like to say that the video is lazy and dumb. I saw the censored version on Channel V the other night and they hadn’t even bothered (as opposed to the of ‘Fuck You’) to change the video to accommodate the pansy ‘loving’ version. So when Enrique says “loving” they still have to censor his mouth in case any deaf kids (lucky them) can see him cussin’ like a darn sailor. Also, the little ‘skit’ things they try and do aren’t very funny and just disrupt the flow of the song which doesn’t really do it a service.

This is a song more suited for the Club charts, frankly. As a pop song it’s pretty atrocious, mostly in the actual content of the song. If the music surrounding terrible lyrics and questionably inappropriate content is good, I can get past it (see: Wynter Gordon) but this just isn’t doing it for me…no matter how insistent Enrique seems to be about doing me.

As a club song? Probably a solid 8/10. As a pop song? You’re looking at a 4.5/10, sorry Enrique. Don’t hate me, we can still be besties. I didn’t mind that one with the shout-y slut from The Pussycat Dolls!


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