Aus No. 4 This Week: Alexis Jordan – Happiness

I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna review a song I like! Yay! I caught this video on TV a couple of times before it really clicked with me. It also took my a little while to realise that it’s actually built on a sample of Deadmau5′ song ‘Brazil’. This is a point of a lot of contention in the bastion of reason and intellect that is the YouTube comments area, whereby Deadmau5 fans basically bitch that someone sang over a song that never had vocals over it in the first place. God forbid!

I think the biggest appeal for me here is that it’s just so goddamn sweet. There’s no subtext here. There’s no pop star ego-boosting or incredibly veiled reference to SEX. SEXY SEX. Because it seems every other pop star wants you to know how much SEXY SEX THEY HAVE.

The original Deadmau5 track is more of a slow-burning instrument dance number, but combined with Alexis Jordan’s quite nice vocals, it ends up sounding like late 90s Britney combined with Fever-era Kylie, which is really just right up my alley. Advocates for the Deadmau5 cause forget exactly how much this song sounds like ‘Can’t Get You Outta My Head’ which I refuse to believe anyone who likes pop music can dislike, no matter how much they tell me. Even if you don’t like  it, you have to at least have to have a begrudging respect for exactly how well-crafted it is, from production to lyrics to the video.

It’s a very teenage sounding song, actually. “Through strength I found love, in time I found myself in happiness with you”, Jordan sings in the chorus. It’s so simple but quite elegant in expressing something most people can really hold on to. For a lot of people, one of the things they really are looking for is love. Stay strong, says Alexis Jordan, you’ll find it eventually. That’s nice.

Even the video is a bit Kylie-y, with the CGI car and the odd ground-movements. It also, incidentally, features an incredibly handsome man as the love interest, which the gayest part of me always appreciates. In the clip, when she decides to go back and be with the guy in the end, she smiles at the camera and DAMNIT does it make me smile as well every time. It’s so fucking cheesy but just so lovely.

Rating: 9/10


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