Great pop song of the week ending 10/04

I’m gonna do this on a weekly basis now, where I post an excellent pop song from the present or past, just as a little contrast from my usual bile-filled, vitriolic rants. Beneath this cold, uncaring exterior lies a real human heart, that I stole from someone else.

This week – Adele – Rolling in the Deep

Wrongfully dismissed by many as the poor man’s Amy Winehousesince they seemingly didn’t realise that that’s about as poor as you get – Adele has had big success in the UK but it hasn’t translated too much over here in Australia. But this powerful slice of white lady neo-soul really stands out from the rest of the top 40. The whole thing is powered by her terrific voice, which makes the likes of Rihanna, Ke$ha, etc. sound like auto-tuned cats being fed through a document shredder.


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