Review: Hot Chelle Rae – Tonight Tonight

You know, I’m all for nostalgia, but songs that remind me of 2007 are just a bit much. All the pop stars sound of the same ilk, because they’re all making the same kind of music that’s the ‘in’ thing right now. These kinds of pop rock bands are different, however. Where that Maroon 5 song has succeeded, Hot Chelle Rae fails. In fact, they pretty much set themselves up to fail when they chose that heinous name.

The song, Tonight Tonight, peaked at 7 on the Billboard charts, and currently sits at 11 in Australia after peaking at 7 here too. The band’s Wikipedia page informs me that their long, illustrious career has spanned from 2005 to now, which is remarkable, because they all look like they’re 17 years old. It also informs me that they have such creative talent that they came up with their horrid name like thus:

Hot Chelle Rae began in 2005, with a meeting between singer-songwriter Ryan (RK) and guitarist Nash. The band is named for the first “dedicated” fan, Chelle Rae, a MySpace stalker who provided the band with quite an entertaining era of online activity until her false identity was discovered and brought to light.

Frankly, I would never have fallen for such a ruse because I flatly refuse to believe anyone on this planet is named Chelle Rae, or at least, that anyone named that is even remotely attractive.

You can learn all you need to know about the band in a few ways:

  1. That name, that sounds like the name of the soup of the day at a dingy seafood restaurant that will inevitably give you food poisoning.
  2. The story of their name, that indicates that they think Hot Chelle Rae doesn’t just sound like the most poorly conceived nail polish colour.
  3. The following sentence – both its composition and content – from their Wikipedia page: “Hot Chelle Rae recently performed on a episode of So Random.”
  4. Their next album will be named ‘Whatever’. Like, you know, ‘Whatever’.
  5. Finally, and most importantly, their public image. This part deserves more than just its own number in a list, because there’s a hell of a lot to cover.
I think this is what Muse would look like if they were currently 10 years younger and 10 times gayer.

I think this is what Muse would look like if they were currently 10 years younger and 10 times gayer.

This is the cover of their first album, Lovesick Electric. IT KINDA RHYMES, YOU GUYS. You’ve got the guy on the left, who could probably pass for live-action Goku if he fell victim to a hair gel factory explosion. Then there’s the foremost dude, who honestly looks like every 14 year old from about 6 years ago. The second guy from the right, who is Chord Overstreet’s evidently less talented brother (Chord Overstreet is from Glee, and sadly, his brother’s name is not Clef, or Quaver. His name is Nash, and he grew up in Nashville! I WONDER WHERE THEY GOT THE IDEA). And then the drummer in the background who is what Aubrey Plaza would look like if she were a chubby teenage boy whose skull was apparently sanded until perfectly rounded and featureless. Oh and there’s the ugly tinting and the vague lens flare that makes them all look either jaundiced or like Twilight vampires.

Now, to be fair, this was two years ago. So they’ve probably matured and really evolved in their styling, right? So now they won’t, as evidenced in the above video, just look like a bunch of pissy little dicks who wanted to look like Julian Casablancas but had neither the New York grunge to pull it off, nor the wherewithal to hold themselves back from wearing faggy leopard print scarves and My Chemical Romance leather jacket castoffs.

Nooooooooooooope. Now they just look like the douchiest people you will ever meet.

The lead singer, in all his underage-looking glory, has this chest tattoo, naturally written in cursive:

Dream with my eyes open/Sleep when I’m dead/Love who my heart’s chosen/Conquer what lies ahead

Tell us how you really feel, am I right?

I tried to stop myself. I really did.

The song basically sounds like the direct offspring of Metro Station’s insipid Shake It. When your song sounds like a bad ripoff of that bad ripoff, you know you’re in trouble. In the clip, they all stand around in bad outfits and skinny jeans pretending to play guitar, but not even doing a good job of pretending. There are hooks in there, but too many? Moves Like Jagger was a finely-tuned hook delivery vehicle, whereas this is like the van from Little Miss Sunshine of hooks. And it’s not even a complex song. Far from it, in fact.

The lyrics are some of the biggest offenders. I mean, there’s some catchy guitar work. There’s also a lot of keyboards in the song but no one in the clip ever seems to play them. Someone does, however, carry around a ukulele at a children’s party because apparently these guys play kid’s parties? At least they know the only level of intelligence that would appreciate them.

I woke up with a strange tattoo
Not sure how I got it, not a dollar in my pocket
And it kinda looks just like you
Mixed with Zack Galifianakis

HAHAH! REFERENCE! Maybe these guys are the Family Guy of shitty pop rock bands who are egregiously listed as ‘alternative rock’ by 14 year old girls on Wikipedia.

You got me singing like
Woah, cmon
Ohh, it doesnt matter
Woah, everybody now
Ohh, woo

Oops, guys, you forgot to fill lyrics in in this part. Sloppy! D+!

Just sing it like
Woah, c’mon
Ohh, all you party people
Woah, all you single kids
Ohh, even the white kids


We’re going at it tonight, tonight
There’s a party on the rooftop, top of the world
Tonight, tonight
And we’re dancing on the edge of the Hollywood sign
I don’t know if I’ll make it
But watch how good I’ll fake it
It’s alright, alright, tonight, tonight

The most annoying lyric is ‘But watch how good I’ll fake it’. Fake what? I need to know! This is a classic case of, “Let’s make a song about partying! Ok cool! Oh wait, there’s nothing substantial enough to say about partying to I’ll just fill it in with random crap that bears no relevance and makes me look like teenage girls’ comments on a party photo on Myspace circa 2005!”

Seriously, this band is a blight. Everything about them feels like its 4 years old, and yet here they are, plaguing our airwaves. All we can do is hope that this is the only song of theirs that gets noticed, because I swear, just looking at their name gives me hives.

Rating: 3.5/10


20 thoughts on “Review: Hot Chelle Rae – Tonight Tonight

  1. I dislike this song far more now that I have seen the video clip and what this ‘band’ looks like. Previously this was just another ho hum forgettable pop song. Now i actively dislike it.

  2. Sad that you need to bash this band and their music, they are great guys…they work very hard and always put on a great high energy show…I know first hand since I have been to more than a dozen shows in the last couple of years with my daughters.These young men are a class act.

    They are all about feel good, up beat songs…obviously this is a subject you r miserable being is unfamiliar with.

    Millions of people cannot be wrong about feeling this way…There are songs like “The Distance” and “Bleed” which are heartfelt and sincere.

    Nash’s name is derived from Graham Nash of the famed Crosby Stills and Nash ( maybe you should look them up too), not Nashville TN, you idiot …I think a tiny bit of research on your part would have found you that fact.

    Slamming people because of their looks and style makes you a bully. I think you need a new profession, your writing sucks.

    I am genuinely happy for their success, they deserve it. They will go far, and their new album will speak for itself.
    The fans have spoken… congrats Hot Chelle Rae, ( Chelle is short for Michelle) your win last night on the AMA’s is worthy.

    Today’s kids need more decent role models like these. They are surrounded by a classy circle with T Swift, Joe Jonas, The Script, We the Kings…the list goes on and on. They attract the talented, unlike you. Show me your friends.

    I can’t even believe I wasted my time responding to your trash talk.

    • Thanks for your comment! This is a comedic blog and I freely admit to exaggerating like/dislike for a song, a band, or their style for the sake of making people laugh. I’m not going to sit here and rebut your points or refute your arguments, other than to say that I disagree with the notion that my “writing sucks” (please note the irony of that sentence).

      I think it’s great that you take your kids to concerts and that they are a band that you can share in. This blog is simply my opinion, and I have every right to it as you have yours. Sorry that not every opinion in the world can conform to your Cool Mom worldview!

      • Your idea of comedy is sick and deluded. Your sarcasm is stale. Frankly, I hate you sir. Most dip-shits,(like you perhaps???) say things like that, not for laughs….but so they can pretend for just one second they matter and the hard working talented people can be shit upon. So how dare you disgrace the name Hot Chelle Rae!!!

    • hah-hah-hah~…work hard?heartfelt?my lord ‘lady’,you must be one of those eh..what they called..oh yea,bunch of tweenies trying to be an adults,but you’ll probably say you’re not anyway,in any case,i never met any ‘adults’ that grew up with these….’great guys’ my whole life,im only 20 and i just heard of these guys for like…just last month,and let me tell you my personal opinion ‘ mom’,i listened to heartfelt song before,and those songs are either from Elvis,CCR and mostly every single artist in the 50-70s era,sincere?oh plz,im only a 20 years old punk,and i know bout sincere more than you ‘lady’,AMA worthy?my god lady,you’re are either some half-brained troller,or some ignorance indivinduals just came out of her closet,decent role model?you mean teaching boys to wear girls clothes?doin drugs?boozes?party-party-party all the times and looks just like those guys?no thank you ‘lady’,i felt sorry for the kids that grew up in this kind of…music,joe jonas?ok,i think you’re definitely a troller and some half-brained 15 years old-ish fan girl trying to act big and ‘matured’ or something for that matter,sure im a hater,but we all had to hate on something in our life more or less,and if so,at least i confident that i hating on the ones that deserve that hate.

      and damn,i cant believe i actually waste my times reply to your ‘mature-wisdom-or-so-you-think’ ignorance comment ‘lady’,but heck,it was worth it anyway.

      and as i say,if you think you’re matured,i think you can take my,’personal opinions’ in a ‘matured’ way eh ‘lady’?

  3. Shut up you fag. You are a hypocritical idiot.

    You’re so happy to criticise other people with what they put time and effort into, yet as soon as someone gives you legitimate and constructive criticism, you snap and suddenly everyone has a right to their opinion. Just accept the fact that other people don’t judge based on what people look like, because sometimes, LOOKS DON’T MATTER. And you know what? You shouldn’t judge based on that either.

    I can’t believe I even wasted my time typing this.

    • “yet as soon as someone gives you legitimate and constructive criticism, you snap and suddenly everyone has a right to their opinion”

      …wait, what? How is a) that snapping in any way, or b) anything other than a legitimate point? I am happy to criticise other people. SO IS EVERYONE ON THE PLANET. Please don’t accuse me of hypocrisy when you and I both know that you criticise or judge people every day of your life. Everrrrrybody does it, sweetie. You’re free to like this song, I can’t take that away from you. I am free to think that they dress terribly. There’s no sense in you coming here and derogatorily calling me a “fag” – no matter how factual that may be – and then accusing me of being unreasonable for NOT responding to the criticism (hey, if you think it was constructive, I’m not supposed to fight back, you know that, right?). Lordy lordy. Accusations of hypocrisy really shouldn’t be made on the internet.

      • Laurence. I insist that you review every future Hot Chelle Rae single. Plenty to critique and the reaction from crazed HCR fans is brilliant. I do have some empathy for ‘Cool Mum’ and ‘Bethany’ though – it must be hard work to be a fan of a band that sucks so much.

    • man,you youngsters ignorance know no bound does it?dont giving me that bullshit about efford,if they put ‘efford’ in it,then why cant i understand point whole point of this song anyway?if theres actually a ‘whole point’ beside partying like theres no tomorow shinaniganz that the mainstreams trend was so famous about,and i can see that from the way you call that laurence dude a ‘fag’,i think you’re must be one of those mainstream addict,i mean i noticed you fans are famous at calling other people ‘fags’ when they do something or say something ‘different’ from your point of view,well thats their personal opinion,you got yours,they got theirs,and trust me,from what i saw in those guys,i think im agreed with laurence,so heres my ‘personal opinion’,music dont based on looks like you say,but these guys failed on BOTH aspect,looks and talent,you called it talents i called it garbage,you see what i did there?i just gave you my opinion or as you called it ‘hypocritical’,but like they all say,it takes one to knows one,so you’re a ‘hypocritical’ as well as anyone you just called,so why so hostile?it just my opinion,you dont like it?too fucking bad.

      waste your time typing to this?dont try to be a ‘big girl’ now lil wanna be ‘mrs’ Cool Mum up there or something?

      • Bitch please, you act like you were born in the sixties but say your twenty (Does anyone else think we have a pedo bear???). So just let me guess, your favorite song from when you were a kid was that dandy new charleston song you would tap your feet to? Your “effort” to write like you know what your talking about is horrible…(check your spelling dipshit). You and your like minded friends can just go fuck each other because Hot Chelle Rae is no faggy ignorant band, just real. Do I have evidence to back it up? I do. Do you get the right to know? You honestly don’t. Never. Disgrace. The name. Hot Chelle Rae. You. Fucking. Melonbag.

      • Honey, you don’t even know how to use “you’re” not “your”, I wouldn’t go giving a lecture about spelling. But you clearly like this shitty band a lot, so good for you, but take your crazy elsewhere, it’s exhausting.

  4. Hot Chelle Rae is my favorite band and who ever wrote this is a female dog… oh, and I’m not a 14 year old girl, just thought you should know. Oh, one more thing, “I Like it Like That” is a big song now , everyone has heard it.

  5. Laurence, I feel your pain regarding this pop-fart of a band. There are plenty of things to hate on and pick on….

    Impressionable decent-looking early 20-somethings that want to be “rock stars,” get hooked up by some of Nash’s daddy’s music industry friends with a record deal, throw on some tight-fitting clothes and hair gel and call themselves ummm… chelle rae! Perfect!

    The actual real work…writing songs, promoting their band’s music/image, learning to play their instruments is really not necessary in this era of popular music. For instance, their chart topping single “I Like It Like That” has enlisted the help of 8 co-writers…8! (

    This must be some kind of record!

    I don’t doubt they work hard, are good guys, or have a genuine interest in trying to make good music…but how many different ways can you polish a turd?

    Good riddance HCR! Enjoy it while it lasts!

  6. I’m going to be completely honest here. I really don’t mind Hot Chelle Rae… There… I said it. FYI, I may be 17, but honestly I prefer older music (grew up listenin’ to the oldies with my mom). It’s just better-in my opinion. I love all types of music (except Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. Sorry, but I will “Never Ever Ever Ever Ever” enjoy their music. My friends tell me “Never Say Never,” but I’m just like, “fluck you, and your musical sassiness… even if I did start it.”), which is why I don’t mind HCR. Though I don’t mind them and their music, my thoughts on their song “Tonight, Tonight,” however, make it quite frank that I don’t find it enjoyable. Of course there’s a reason for that. That part, that…that-goddamn-catchy-part that goes, “la- la- la, la- la- la (etc. and the few other words that make up that earworm),” is a tune I’ve known since I was little. I swear that it’s a part of an older song, but for the life of me I cannot think of it…! IT DRIVES ME MAD-MAD I TELL YOU-MAD! When HCR’s “Tonight, Tonight” was released and I had heard it for the first time ever…I knew…then and there…that the tune…was from an older song. My friend thought I was insane, she loved modern music…all of it. She thought it was original stuff, and no-way would even a slightest bit of another artist’s tune be in that of another’s. So, unable to convince her on my own, after being told that I hate the song (when…I think I know my own feelings), I turned to her father. Yup. I played the song for her dad… And his response was, “that’s not an original tune. I know that from a song I used to listen to…what was it called?” Yeah… I still don’t remember the title, which fills me with much rage, but after that at least my friend believed me (and it was about time too, ’cause I was THAT close to punching her face off when she called me delusional). I do have one other reason for having such disdain… Ugh… It’s the name… I can’t even express how much I hate that they couldn’t have at least come up with a better name, an ORIGINAL name. The Smashing Pumpkins already beat them to the punchline in 1995 (a year before I was born) with their own song known as none other than, “Tonight, Tonight.” It may seem pretty petty, but honestly, I don’t give a fluck ’cause that’s every other comment on here anyway. Petty, entertaining shit. And of course the entertaining part is always due to some peoples’ inability to handle their emotions and let other people express their opinions openly without throwing a hissy fit about it.Though, most of this was just a rant about why I have such a passionate hatred for the song, then that last small portion revealing just a little bit on how I feel about openly expressing one’s opinions online via blogs and such…I do have to agree with a lot of the things mentioned. You definitely make some valid points about their images and all that and some…erm…a lot of their lyrics. (‘-‘)
    ~Krystal Osheanna

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