Aus No. 4 This Week: Alexis Jordan – Happiness

I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna review a song I like! Yay! I caught this video on TV a couple of times before it really clicked with me. It also took my a little while to realise that it’s actually built on a sample of Deadmau5′ song ‘Brazil’. This is a point of a lot of contention in the bastion of reason and intellect that is the YouTube comments area, whereby Deadmau5 fans basically bitch that someone sang over a song that never had vocals over it in the first place. God forbid!

I think the biggest appeal for me here is that it’s just so goddamn sweet. There’s no subtext here. There’s no pop star ego-boosting or incredibly veiled reference to SEX. SEXY SEX. Because it seems every other pop star wants you to know how much SEXY SEX THEY HAVE.

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