Feature: Pop song shelf-life

A few weeks ago, I posted a ‘Great Pop Song of the Week’ or something similarly stupidly titled, which I never did again because there is such a dearth of good pop songs at the moment. The post in question contained the song Rolling in the Deep by Adele. And you know what? Already sick of it. At the time, it hadn’t really made it big yet. It was top of the charts in the UK, but Glee hadn’t stuck it in the song-processor and sat out a more autotuned version yet; the album hadn’t bitch-slapped its way to the top of the Billboard charts; and it hadn’t been played every 5 minutes on every radio station and TV music channel.

But now it has, and I am fucking sick of it.

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Feature: lyrics that are as bad (if not worse) than Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ (pt. 1)

There have already been a lot of things said about Rebecca Black’s Friday after it took the internet by storm a couple of weeks ago. The best thing is probably the analysis of Friday as a radical text, which is such a sublimely written piece that probably nothing I could ever say would or could top it. Which is why I’ve decided not to give Friday a proper review like I usually would. Firstly, I’ll just give a brief summary of my thoughts on the song:

I’m a Friday apologist. The most oft-cited reason for its infamy appears to be how “bad” the lyrics are. The song itself, I would contend, is almost identical to any other pop star faff. With different words, Friday could easily pass as a Katy Perry song. I defy you to prove otherwise. I mean, sure, a line like “gotta have my bowl/gotta have cereal” carries the kind of insipidity you expect from an angsty 15 year old’s LiveJournal poetry, but in the end, does Friday really deserve any allegation of being the nadir of music? Here are some lines, stanzas and choruses from pop songs which are just as bad, if not far far worse, than those in Friday.

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